End of Military Education Course at NCTU and Honoring First Graduates

February 2023 News

End of Military Education Course at NCTU and Honoring First Graduates

Today, Thursday, February 9, 2023, the first military education course at New Cairo Technological University, headed by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Shafi Al-Sheikh, ended, as it is considered the first time to hold this course at the university.

The university’s fourth year students applied to join the course. Military training and lectures continued for two consecutive weeks under the leadership of Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Hanafi, the Deputy Military Adviser to Giza Governorate and Commander of Military Education at New Cairo University of Technology.

In his speech during the closing ceremony, the university president highlighted the importance of the great role played by the military education courses for university students, in urging them to discipline, take responsibility, and raise the spirit of belonging and loyalty to their beloved country, Egypt.

He also honored the first graduates of this course, praising their commitment during this period, and congratulating them on New Cairo Technological University being ranked first at the level of Egyptian universities.

It is worth noting that

Student/ Mustafa Morsi Muhammad Al-Bahrawi got the first place

Student/ Ahmed Mahmoud Gouda got the second place

Student/ Youssef Tariq Hussein got the third place

Student/ Mohamed Khaled Gad got the fourth place

Student/ Karim Ahmed Ali got the fifth place

Student/ Ibrahim Fawzy Mahmoud got the sixth place

Student/ Ahmed Ashraf Mohamed got the seventh place

Student/ John Ahdy Morris got the eighth place

Student/ Zhou Jaber Abdulaziz got the ninth place

Student/ Abdullah Salah Khaled got the tenth place.


His Excellency also extends his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Egyptian Armed Forces and the Popular Defence Forces for their efforts to achieve a fully satisfactory level of training.