NCTU and the HBRC sign a cooperation protocol

August 2023 News

NCTU and the HBRC sign a cooperation protocol

New Cairo Technological University, headed by Professor Dr. Mahmoud El Sheikh and the Housing and Building National Research Center (HBRC) signed a cooperation protocol on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. The agreement aims to raise the level of education, training and scientific research in the field of building development.

Professor Dr. Mahmoud El-Sheikh, President of the University, and Dr. Mohamed Masoud, Chairman of HBRC, signed the agreement in the presence of Professor Dr. Tarek Bahaa, Vice President of the Center, Professor Dr. Tarek Abdelmalek Mikhail, Dean of the Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology, Dr. Sayed El-Far, Vice Dean of the Faculty for Training, Dr. Ghada Maher, Coordinator of the Information Technology and Communications Program, and Dr. Buthaina Mahmoud, Entrepreneurship Lecturer at the University.

The protocol aims to implement various practical and research activities, where publications, research materials, scientific publications, and information will be exchanged in areas of common interest and benefit.

The agreement also includes a proposal to establish a study program at the university in building and housing technology. It also includes organizing workshops and joint scientific meetings and providing opportunities for progress in the fields of technology transfer, training programs and academic support for faculty members, university education development, institutional development and long-term planning.

El-Sheikh stated that the HBRC is one of the most important research centers affiliated with the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and New Urban Communities, pointing to the importance of scientific and research cooperation between the two parties.

The university president highlighted that the cooperation protocol includes providing all necessary facilities for students of the Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology and faculty members in the fields related to student projects and laboratory and field tests.

Dr. Mahmoud El-Sheikh pointed out that, under this agreement, opportunities will be provided for university students for practical training and the development of their technical and technological skills. This ensures the optimal use of human resources and creating an environment conducive to advancing the educational and research process to meet the needs of society and push it towards growth and development.