Abdelmalak Signs a Mutual Cooperation Protocol with “Cad Masters” Academy

News November 2023

Abdelmalak Signs a Mutual Cooperation Protocol with “Cad Masters” Academy

On Wednesday, November 15, 2023, Prof. Tarek Abdel-Malak, the President of the New Cairo Technological University, signed a joint cooperation protocol with Eng. Taher Saeed, the CEO of the “Cad Masters” Academy, which follows the international company “Autodesk.” The protocol aims to train and qualify students of the university. The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Walid Al-Khatam, Dean of the Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology at the university; Dr. Abdullah Abdul-Hay, the college’s deputy dean for training affairs; Dr. Ihab El-Shazly, coordinator of the Information Technology and Communications program; and Eng. Osama Reda, the training director at Cad Masters.

This collaboration is part of the protocols established by the New Cairo Technological University with various Egyptian and international institutions whose primary goal is to enhance the available capabilities for university students, developing their training system to be in line with the job market in Egypt and beyond.

In this context, Prof. Tarek Abdel-Malak, the university president, emphasized that the agreement aims to equip students with the necessary skills and certified qualifications from major international companies to enhance their competitive abilities in the job market.

It’s worth mentioning that Cad Masters is one of the largest companies in the field of training in engineering and graphics software. It is an accredited training center for several international companies, such as TEKLA, CIE, Autodesk, Bentley Rhinoceros, and Maxwell Render. It is also the academic partner of Autodesk Learning Partner. Additionally, it has recently received accreditation from the Project Management Institute in the United States (PMI).