New Cairo Technological University Organizes Workshop with Fulbright

News November 2023

New Cairo Technological University Organizes Workshop with Fulbright

On November 26, 2023, New Cairo Technological University organized a workshop in collaboration with Fulbright. The event was held under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Tarek Abdulmalak, the University President, with the aim of introducing the students of the University to the grants offered by Fulbright and the application process.

The workshop was attended by Prof. Dr. Walid Al-Khattam, Dean of the Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology, Prof. Dr. Tamer Abu El-Naga, Vice Dean of the Faculty for Education and Student Affairs, and Dr. Abdullah Abdel-Hay, Vice Dean of the Faculty for Training Affairs. Additionally, the attendees included a group of the Faculty teaching staff, and students, as well as Dr. Magy Nasseef, the Executive Director of Fulbright in Cairo, Mr. Asser Hani, the Program Director’s Assistant, and Mr. Abdel-Aleem Refaat, representative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Dr. Magy Nasseef provided an overview of the process for students to apply for Fulbright grants, highlighting the support provided by the organization and the training materials it offers to students in both undergraduate and postgraduate stages.

The workshop aimed to familiarize the Faculty teaching staff, personnel and students with the Fulbright grants, the application process, and the importance of communication between researchers and the organization. The goal is to increase opportunities for obtaining MA scholarships, provide guidance to researchers, assist applicants in writing research plans and personal statements for Fulbright applications, and gather scientific material for PhD students and postdoctoral researches. Mr. Asser Hani conducted a presentation to facilitate these aspects of the application process.


 A meeting between the university and the Commission was held during the workshop; its purpose was to introduce the academic staff and students to the Commission’s programmes and to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration. The University President, Dr. Tariq Abdel Malak, engaged in discussions alongside Fulbright Commission representatives during the meeting. The objective of this discourse was to examine prospective paths for cooperation between the university and the Commission. The main focus of this collaboration is to boost scientific inquiry and guarantee that the university maintains its standing in light of worldwide scientific progressions in various fields.


The University President, Dr. Tareq Abdel Malak, affirms that the workshop is motivated by the New Cairo Technological University’s commitment to serving society, fostering the growth of students’ abilities, and improving their skills. Furthermore, it underscores the university’s ongoing efforts to expand methods for the advancement of talented individuals and researchers. Maggie Nassif expressed her gratitude to the administration’s team of New Cairo University of Technology, anchored by Dr. Tareq Abdel Malak, for their effective collaboration with the commission. She witnesses the university’s accomplishments towards fostering mutual coordination are commended.



Fulbright Egypt is a prominent cultural exchange project between Egypt and the United States. Its objective is to enhance intercultural relations in the United States and other nations by facilitating the interchange of individuals, knowledge, and expertise. The Fulbright Programme operates in over 160 countries and is overseen by some cooperating organizations such as the Institute of International Education. The Fulbright Programme is sponsored and funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State, with support from the US Congress. Not only that support but also Fifty-nine individuals who have received Fulbright scholarships have been awarded Nobel Prizes.