Occupational Safety and Health Training Program for the Employees of the New Cairo Technological University

December 2023 News

Occupational Safety and Health Training Program for the Employees of the New Cairo Technological University

Under the auspices of Professor Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the New Cairo Technological University, led by Professor Dr. Tarek Abdelmalak, participated in a training program for safety and occupational health organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The training program took place over four days at the ministry’s headquarters in the Administrative Capital, under the supervision and monitoring of Professor Dr. Walid Al-Khatam, Dean of the Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology.

Professor Dr. Tarek Abdelmalak, the university president, stated that the program aims to train workers in security, elevate their competence in establishing an effective occupational health and safety system, and preserve properties, individuals, facilities, and devices from loss. It also aims to identify risks and the causes leading to them.

He added that the employees were introduced to the concept of occupational safety and health, which involves creating a safe work environment free from risks and taking preventive measures to avoid incidents. This was facilitated by a group of faculty members and experts in this field.

Abdelmalak explained that the training program included lectures on the concepts of public safety and occupational health policy, the specialties of the safety committee, the organization and distribution of responsibilities, emergency preparation, as well as the inspection and storage of firefighting equipment and maintenance methods. Additionally, topics covered included safety and occupational health rules and guidelines, proper and safe working methods, first aid, and medical services.

The university president emphasized that training employees on safety and occupational health is essential to maintain their safety, protect them from injuries and accidents in the workplace, enhance safety culture within the institution, and promote compliance with the laws and regulations governing work. It also improves the performance, productivity, and effectiveness of employees. Training employees on safety and occupational health has a positive impact on the


reputation of the institution, making it more attractive to potential and current employees.

It is worth mentioning that the management of the New Cairo Technological University continues its training plan for the administrative staff, implementing its strategy towards digital transformation, and complementing its efforts to enhance the performance of the administrative staff and keep pace with technological advancements, which have become a requirement in the administrative process, in line with the state’s policy and plan for digital transformation.