Holding a workshop on how to prepare scientific project proposals for the EU-funded program Erasmus+ at the New Cairo Technological University.

Jan2024 News

Holding a workshop on how to prepare scientific project proposals for the EU-funded program Erasmus+ at the New Cairo Technological University.

Prof. Dr. Tarek Abdelmalak, President of New Cairo Technological University, sponsored a workshop on preparing and submitting project proposals for the EU-funded program Erasmus+ on January 16, 2024. The workshop was supervised by Prof. Dr. Walid El-Khattam, Dean of the Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology, and attended by Associate prof. Dr. Abdullah Abdel Hai, Vice Dean for Training, and a number of faculty members and teaching assistants. Dr. Ghada Bassiouni, the Regional Coordinator for Erasmus+, and Dr. Karim Tunbol, Professor of Physical Marine Science and Dean of Scientific Research for Marine Affairs at the Arab Academy of Science, Technology, and Maritime Transpor, also attendede the workshop .

The workshop was attended by representatives from several Egyptian governmental, technological, and foreign universities, including the German University in Cairo, Ain Shams University, Sadat City University, Benni-Suef Technological University, Delta Technological University, and Samannoud Technological University.

The program began with a lecture by Dr. Ghada Bassiouni on the introduction and aims of the Erasmus project. In the second session, Dr. Kareem Tonbol outlined the methods, requirements, and criteria for writing applications and submitting proposals. It was highlighted that the Erasmus program prioritizes green growth, digitization, and innovation, a focuses on youth and women, and vocational and technical education.

This is the first workshop for the project Erasmus+ to take place at an Egyptian technological university. The workshop is part of a series of practical scientific workshops that New Cairo Technological University has attended and participated in on a regular basis in order to take advantage of the mechanism for writing project proposals in a new scientific manner that will keep pace with the project’s development and draw on the university’s global experience and expertise, allowing the university to compete in many competitions and win funding for future projects.

Dr. Tarek Abdelmalak, President of the University, emphasized that the writing and management of their future projects would help to provide members of academic and administrative bodies, as well as students and the local community, with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills by leveraging European partners involved in such projects.

The aims of Project Erasmus+ are stated to be education digitization, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as well as technical and technological education and the social inclusion of underprivileged populations. The initiative also aims to link together all existing European Union education, training, youth, and sports programs, which began in January 2014.