Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology

Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology

Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology

Dean's Speech

On my behalf and on behalf of all the employees of the College of Industry and Energy Technology, I am pleased to welcome you to the website of your college at New Cairo University of Technology. In implementation of Article 20 of the Constitution, which states that “the state commits to encouraging and developing technical and technical education and vocational training, and expanding its types, in accordance with international quality standards, and in line with the needs of the labor market.” Also, in implementation of Article Three, Clause 3 of the Draft Law on Establishing Technological Universities No. 72 of 2019, which provides for “the provision of technological education that provides integrated educational and training services of a quality comparable to international quality systems and in a manner that allows the preparation of graduates capable of competing in the local, regional and global labor markets.” The college has adopted the latest technological education systems in line with international standards and developments in this type of education, as the college has adopted the education system with professional competencies. Competence is a combination of knowledge, skill, and attitude or tendency to perform a specific task according to specified standards. This came within the support and conviction of the university leadership, headed by Prof. Dr. Hisham El-Deeb, the university president, to adopt this system. The regular and customary academic education system has proven to be a failure over many years in many countries to operate technological education programs. Therefore, there was an urgent need to implement Article Twenty of the Constitution and Article Three of the Law on Establishing Technological Universities by training faculty members and their assistants on teaching and assessment methods in line with international standards to ensure the quality of graduates and their qualification for the local, regional and international labor market. And here we are at the end of the third year of the college’s operation, as many faculty members have been trained and brought to good levels of quality standards. The biggest challenge is to change the culture of those in charge of teaching to accept and implement such new systems on us and to hear terms that may be the first time many of them hear them. Therefore, engaging in and implementing them represents one of the great challenges, and this is a natural thing and a positive indicator to start success. This is at the level of human resources At the level of equipment and laboratories, the college includes many laboratories, workshops, training halls, auditoriums, teaching halls, seminar rooms and conferences at a high level of quality to accommodate the requirements of students, the educational and training process, and places for faculty members, the supporting staff and the college staff. All required laboratories and workshops are now being completed. All of these human energies and capabilities are harnessed to serve the educational and research process and to perform it in harmony, harmony and high stereotype. It is worth mentioning that when the college establishes a new study program, it is necessary to seek the assistance of industrialists to participate in designing the program according to the standards required by the labor market to ensure that graduates are qualified for the labor market. Finally, I wish all the students of the college success and payment, and I wish them more seriousness and perseverance to achieve success and to continue research, innovation and innovation in order to serve the nation to achieve a bright future, God willing.

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Technological universities are an extension of the path of technical education students, which works to provide them with practical and scientific skills to keep pace with the requirements of the local and international labor market, through the technological programs that operate in the faculties of the university.

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