Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

Program vision

Achieving academic and applied excellence in the field of information technology by using advanced technologies for programs and curricula of technological education, as well as providing training and development opportunities for students and scientific and practical competencies, in order to provide the state with highly qualified technical and technological pioneers in acquiring knowledge and using the latest technologies and modern scientific studies to meet the changing needs of the local, regional and international labor market

Program message

The Information Technology Program seeks to provide a distinguished educational service based on the merit system to prepare technically and technologically qualified pioneers scientifically, skillfully and behaviorally, capable of creativity and competition in the markets , through excellence in teaching, learning and scientific research to make the graduates of the program able to interact positively with the requirements of industry, the local and international community and achieving sustainable development in line with the targets of the technological universities and state trends in keeping pace with technological progress and digital transformation

Program objectives

To prepare qualified technical and technological pioneers according to academic standards locally, regionally and internationally to meet the needs of the market in the areas of information technology, including the areas of software, digital applications and databases and advanced digital networks and applications of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. And that is within the scope of optimal utilization of the university's resources, including classrooms, advanced technological laboratories, communication with industry, and external training and maximizing the use of human resources from faculty members and the supporting body, and technicians in the periodic and continuous development of the program and courses in accordance with modern academic standards and merit system adopted by the university and the dissemination of the culture of advanced technological education in addition to its procession of the modern industrial and technological changes locally, regionally and internationally

Program Structure

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Technological universities are an extension of the path of technical education students, which works to provide them with practical and scientific skills to keep pace with the requirements of the local and international labor market, through the technological programs that operate in the faculties of the university.

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