President Speech

President Speech


President's Speech

Minds will be enlightened, humanity will reach its maturity, nations and peoples will advance with science and innovation. Hence, education has been, and still is, one of the most critical and deepest tasks in connection with the hopes and aspirations of citizens, and its connection with the interests of the society and the criteria for its progress, as a means of achieving national sovereignty and building the knowledge economy, which enables Egypt to occupy a distinguished position on the international map. Therefore, the state had to dominate its main elements. So, the state guaranteed the right to educate, the independence of universities, scientific academies, and sought to establish and develop educational institutions as a means to achieve national dominion and build a knowledge economy, given that universities are the locomotive of education, progress, innovation and gaining scientific and practical training. Encouraging scientific research is one of the ingredients that help the state in performing its tasks, and therefore it is the establishment of firm and stable bases for deepening education and scientific research in all fields, and this can only be achieved by science and knowledge, encouraging research and using modern technology as an application means of the knowledge. The development of technological education has become an inevitable necessity as it represents the second item of the Egyptian’ character rebuilding system, which is based on the advancement of the education and scientific research systems, as they are of paramount importance in achieving sustainable development that the new Egyptian state tries hard to achieve, and be the first priority in any national project of the state, and to harness all necessary possibilities for them. This is what the political leadership has been keen on within the framework of constitutional and legal legitimacy, and acceptance and understanding by citizens of what surrounds The difficulties and the sacrifices of the development that required in order achieving it. We are all witnessing tangible achievements in the field of education through the establishment of universities. Modern technology, including New Cairo Technological University, as a scientific edifice, pursues the method of learning and training for students in various fields of needed specializations in the labor market according to best practices from the academic and practical aspects, with a focus on building and developing technical skills that are direct requirements to the labor market. New Cairo Technological University, NCTU, is considered one of the first universities at the level of the Republic that specialized in contributing effectively to economic and social development by providing technological education of the quality and adequacy required by the labor market and achieving excellence, creativity and international leadership in order to ensure independence and self-sufficiency and to face current and future challenges, and sets its first mission to prepare qualified scientific pioneers through the provision of distinguished technological education through the use of high-quality scientific and practical programs in undergraduate and postgraduate education. NCTU seeks qualifying graduates with a distinguished level of knowledge and technological innovation capable of competition, teamwork, innovation and achieving quality assurance and academic accreditation in accordance with internationally approved standards, and to contribute effectively to meeting the needs of society and the local, regional and international labor market. In addition to, producing innovative scientific and technical research and studies related to local and regional challenges, providing technological education that provides educational and training services which integrated of a quality comparable to international quality systems, and allowing the preparation of graduates capable of competing in the local and regional labor markets and global. NCTU is considered a stronghold of human thought its highest levels, and a source for investment and development of the most important wealth society and its most valuable human resource. It aims to contribute to the advancement of thought, the advancement of science, the development of human values, and the provision of specialists to the technicians and experts in various fields, preparing the person who is equipped with the assets of knowledge, advanced research methods, and high values, to contribute to building a strengthening society, making the future of the nation, and serving humanity.

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Technological universities are an extension of the path of technical education students, which works to provide them with practical and scientific skills to keep pace with the requirements of the local and international labor market, through the technological programs that operate in the faculties of the university.

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