Technology of Production, Processing and Transport of Petroleum

Technology of Production, Processing and Transport of Petroleum

About the program

The Egyptian petroleum sector depends in its workforce on specialists from engineers, geologists, chemists and technicians. The applied practice in this sector has shown the importance of training for all professional levels. It also becomes clear the extent of the need for technicians and technologists specialized in this field through the basic study, which includes applied education, and not through the transfer of experiences during the practice of the profession. And in light of the trend of the Arab Republic of Egypt to become an energy center in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea region , and the growth of exploration and production operations on all axes of the country, whether in the Upper valley, delta or The Eastern and Western Egyptian Deserts and the economic zones in the Red and Mediterranean sea, which entails attracting international oil companies and dealing with foreign experts in them. Therefore, it has become a necessity for the Egyptian petroleum sector to have technical pioneers at a high level of theoretical study and practical training and be linguistically qualified to deal with foreign partners. Thus, it becomes a critical point for the competent companies to establish a specialized program, the first of its kind to award degrees diploma above average and work as a senior technician in the oil and gas production industry in Egypt and at the level of Africa and the Middle East. The authors of this program aim to develop it in the near future to add to it other fields such as petroleum refining and petrochemical industries and drilling wells

Program vision

Providing advanced educational and technological services at a global quality level that meets and keeps pace with the needs of the labor market and society in the field of oil and natural gas production, processing and transportation

Program message

Meeting the needs of the local, regional and international labor market of qualified technical pioneers in the fields of production and the treatment and transportation of various petroleum and natural gas, whether production, operations, quality control, safety and health Professionalism to achieve a competitive advantage for the graduates of the program within the framework of high professional ethics

Program objectives

The program aims to prepare a senior technician processing and transportation of petroleum and natural gas

Raising the efficiency and level of technicians working in the petroleum sector

Contribute to Egypt's restoration of its leading role in the Middle East region as a cadre-exporting country qualified in the oil and natural gas industries

The presence of a first technician specialized and trained at the highest level that is an essential factor in the development of introducing services, production, processing and transportation of petroleum and natural gas, which leads to maintaining efficiency and safety production equipment and the provision of hard currency in implementation of the state's rationalization policies

The success of this experience will guarantee its repetition, as the graduate is considered one of the rare specializations required in the labor market where is expected to increase the demand for graduates from neighboring countries

The university can easily market this type of study and interact with other international students with appropriate expenses that lead to maximizing resources and covering a large part of the expenses on their own without additional burdens on the state

Industrial partner and financial capabilities

This program was established based on the proposal of the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, based on the desire of the Authority The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation to cooperate through the New Cairo Technological University. A protocol is being signed cooperation among New Cairo University Technological (first party) and the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (second party) And the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (a third party) for joint cooperation in implementing this program

Program Structure

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Technological universities are an extension of the path of technical education students, which works to provide them with practical and scientific skills to keep pace with the requirements of the local and international labor market, through the technological programs that operate in the faculties of the university.

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