Values and Goals

Values and Goals

Values and Goals

  • Creating a new integrated path for education within applied and technological training parallel to the academics path and its graduates obtain university degrees in the above-intermediate diploma, bachelor’s and post graduate Studies.

  • Applying and exploiting technology for the benefit of society and qualifying education graduates at general and technical secondary school to meet the needs of the labor market in terms of human and technological resources for the requirements of the social and economic development plans of the country and to help in improving the societal image for this type of education.

  • Providing technological education that provides integrated educational and training services of a quality corresponding to globalization quality systems and allowing the formation of graduates capable of competing in the local and regional labor markets and globalism.

  • Preparing technologists with the ability to continue education and flexible transition between disciplines in addition to the possibility of joining the labor market and returning to study after receiving training and appropriate scientific practice in accordance with the corresponding levels of the National Qualifications Framework.

  • Establishing strategic partnerships with education and training institutions in the public and private sectors.

  • The participation of the public and private sectors in education and training to provide specialized technical human resources.

  • Providing technical assistance and administrative advice in the field of education and training for the public and private sectors.

  • Participating in the membership of regional and international organizations, and institutions interested in education and training.

  • Providing its thoughts and views on the regulations and decisions related to education and training and suggest what are needed to develop.

  • Providing consultancy and technical support to institutions and individuals.

  • Preparing studies on the labor market and its needs.

University values

The ethics and behaviors of good work

Leadership and teamwork

Integrity, transparency and accountability

Respect for intellectual property rights

Justice and Equality

Openness and cooperation

Diversity and sustainability

Technological universities are an extension of the path of technical education students, which works to provide them with practical and scientific skills to keep pace with the requirements of the local and international labor market, through the technological programs that operate in the faculties of the university.

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