Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

University Vision

Effective contribution in economic and social development, providing technological education with the quality and adequacy required by the labor market and achieving excellence, creativity and global leadership to ensure independence and self-sufficiency and to face current and future challenges.

University Mission

Providing distinguished technological education through high-quality scientific and practical programs in university education and higher studies, besides, qualifying graduates with a distinguished level of knowledge and technological innovation and be capable of competition , involved in a teamwork , achieving quality assurance and academic accreditation in accordance with internationally approved standards, and actively contributing to meet the needs of society and the local, regional and international labor market and producing scientific and creative technological research and studies.


Technological universities are an extension of the path of technical education students, which works to provide them with practical and scientific skills to keep pace with the requirements of the local and international labor market, through the technological programs that operate in the faculties of the university.

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